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    Game Maker related forums

    Here you find a number of forums that deal with aspects of Game Maker.

    Official forum
    Game Maker DLL Development Community
    Wolf Dreamer's Game Maker forum
    The Game Maker World
    Game Maker Banner Exchange
    True Preds Resource Center
    Game Maker Reviews

    Game Maker related sites

    Here you find a number of sites that store information about Game Maker and games created with it. The contents of these sites is completely the responsibility of their owners.

    Dark Wind Games
    Tension Software
    MD Games
    True Predators Page
    Game Trek
    Weird Eyes Software
    Game Maker Community
    Games by Avery McCarthy
    Violin Free Games
    True Non-Sense Entertainment
    CWW Games
    Wizard Games
    French Free Games
    Morphosis Games
    C2Spots Games
    Psyco Desert Games
    Kriogenic Works
    Digital Media
    Gamemaker World
    ARJ Games
    EZ Games
    Laimis homepage
    Tim Pipers Game Maker Pages
    Cantepe Interactive
    Eye Candy Games
    Dragon Slayer's Game Creating Association
    JW Games
    Games by Ronnie
    Black Eagle's Game Making Homepage
    Boo's GM Resources
    Alan Cherry Games
    James's Games Homepage
    Peter Mac's site
    Games by Alasdair Forsythe